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January, 2022 (Vol. 16, Issue 01)
Start 2022 Off Right by Visiting Your Doctor of Chiropractic

if you're suffering low back pain and your chiropractor suggests you come in periodically for treatment, here's why you should heed his/her advice.

Time to Relax

5 Reasons Meditation Should Be a New Year's Resolution

Back Pain Matters

Are You Suffering From the #1 Cause of Disability?

The Problem With Big Pharma

A Conspiracy to Get Us to Take More Drugs

Wide Awake in the Electronic Age

Our Kids' Sleep Habits Are Suffering

More Exercise, Less Anxiety

If you're feeling anxious, a little exercise may do the trick. In fact, even people with chronic anxiety can benefit from exercise - and the intensity doesn't appear to matter.

It's Time to Lose the Weight: Your Teeth Will Thank You for It

When people with weight issues consider the benefits of dropping the pounds, healthier and more confident are often expressed – but improved dental health?

Resolutions Done Right

A new year is here – but have you made the same old resolutions, destined to fail? Let's change that right now by ensuring your 2022 resolutions are achievable. Here's how.

Plant Foods: Good for Your Brain

A diet rich in plant-based foods reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in seniors. Let's see which foods matter most.

The Smart Way to Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

How can you ensure a healthy pregnancy that avoids excess weight gain? Here's the best way; let's call it your prenatal weight maintenance plan.

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